Web accessibility overlays don't work. Wave them all bye-bye in one free and easy step, with AccessiByeBye!

If you use a screen reader and have been prompted to press a hotkey to turn on some website's screen reader mode, you've likely encountered the category of website add-ons known as accessibility overlays. There are several accessibility overlays, including AccessiBe, AudioEye, EqualWeb, MaxAccess, TruAbilities, User1st, and UserWay.

We know that while these overlays are supposed to make websites more accessible, they're actually annoying and often counter-productive. That's why we made AccessiByeBye, a simple and free extension for Chrome and compatible browsers, that blocks them all.

Just install AccessiByeBye into Chrome or a compatible browser, and those pesky overlays won't bother you again. There's no catch. We don't collect your web browsing habits or other personal information, and the AccessiByeBye extension won't slow down your computer. If you ever decide you do want one of those overlays, it's easy to turn off the extension at any time.

At Pneuma Solutions, we're all in favor of any tools that truly improve accessibility. So if any of the accessibility overlays that we block actually become useful to the people that they claim to serve, then we'll remove those blocks. But until then, we believe that the spread of accessibility overlays is hindering true improvements in website accessibility. Read more about our thoughts on accessibility overlays.

If you agree with us that accessibility overlays are a growing problem, we encourage you to let your voice be heard. Below you'll find a list of sites that AccessiByeBye has blocked. Feel free to go to these sites, contact the companies, and let them know that the accessibility overlays they have installed do not actually help you.

Top websites with blocked overlays

Top blocked overlays